Family Dental Care

A Country Dentist is designed to provide excellence in comprehensive dental care for the entire family. This care includes a complete preventative dental program, complete diagnostic services, operative dentistry (fillings), prosthetics (caps, bridges, dentures, and implants), root canals and root canal surgery, basic oral surgery (including the removal of teeth), periodontal (gum) treatments, and complete dentistry for children.

We also provide the latest in cosmetic dentistry to include tooth-colored fillings, porcelain veneers, all porcelain crowns, and teeth whitening/bleaching techniques. In our office, we have numerous filling materials that we use on a daily basis. Feel free to discuss with the doctor which material is desired, and which is best, for a given situation.

We want our patients to have all of the information to enable them to make “informed” choices (where such choices exist) – concerning which materials are used in their mouth.

In addition to traditional use of silver alloys and gold, several alternative tooth-colored options exist. These include composites (tooth-colored fillings with a resin, quartz, and glass matrix); indirect composites (laboratory fabricated tooth-colored fillings made from impressions of your teeth); and use of many different porcelain substrates.

More difficult and extensive surgical procedures will be referred to other appropriate specialists as determined by the doctor.

We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for our patients who desire this adjunct to local anesthetics. We offer nitrous at a nominal additional charge.

We are committed to providing healthy and happy smiles and our team of skilled dental professionals addresses both short- and long-term dental care needs.